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Monuments and memorials in Vienna


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Brunold Loidl
15 June 2013
Good for meeting chinese or japanese ;-)
I Wanna Go There
9 August 2011
Golden monument dedicated to the Viennese musician located in the middle of the stadtpark. It was created in 1921 by Edmund Hellmer. Great times
Brunold Loidl
23 July 2013
The Tourists and the Painter are chinese
Leonieke Aalders
8 July 2015
To be honest, the gold is just a bit over the top :-)
Majed Alashari
4 April 2017
Ice memorial in the park.
Brunold Loidl
15 June 2013ß-Denkmal
Molotov Cupcake
23 April 2017
Kann man kaum übersehen. Ständig von fotografierenden Touristen umringt.
Tanya M
3 May 2015
Мой любимый композитор!
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